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Black Rose

Within the quagmire of corrupt global politics and the criminal underworld, a rogue element wages a campaign to turn the tides of deceit…by using the very nature of evil against itself. . In doing so, can the hero keep balanced from becoming the very thing he battles?

Black Rose: Coming 2022



In order to counter the growing level of murderous criminal activity in the city of New Haven, CT. The district attorney, Angelica Salazar, uses her dark past to create an alter-ego “hell-bent” on purging the city of its vile element…with extreme prejudice. SKORN© is the premiere female hero title from AHR Visions. This on-going series will introduce a fresh, strong character into comic lore and an updated translation of the female protagonist.

Skorn: Coming Soon


The Eight

Throughout the history of the world, a never-ending battle between immortals (good and evil) has been fought between the fabric of time and without any knowledge of the human race. Now, a threat presents itself that poses to undo the very nature of existence...and an elite band of heroic defenders will stand united for the fate of all!

The Eight: Coming Soon