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Black Rose

Within the quagmire of corrupt global politics and the criminal underworld, a rogue element wages a campaign to turn the tides of deceit…by using the very nature of evil against itself. . In doing so, can the hero keep balanced from becoming the very thing he battles?

Black Rose: Coming 2023



In order to counter the growing level of murderous criminal activity in the city of New Haven, CT; The district attorney, Angelica Salazar, uses her dark past to create an alter-ego “hell-bent” on purging the city of its vile element…with extreme prejudice.

Skorn: Coming Soon


The Eight

In the aftermath of, The Fall…units of Angels are dispatched to Earth to act as educators of man to the new world around them and their obligation to do well by one another. A rogue amongst these “Teachers” becomes Fallen, and in an effort to prove the weakness of humans and the necessity to rule over them, grants the vilest of the species with angelic abilities…creating the first of an immortal race called The Forever.
These dark immortals begin to wreak havoc on the world. In order to show the strength and resilience of humans, heroic immortals are created and given the task to dispatch their polar opposites from the planet…starting an underground war that has raged on in parallel with the growth of known (and unknown) world history. The strongest amongst these heroes are known only as...THE EIGHT

The Eight: Coming Soon