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Black Rose

Spotlight - Skorn


AHR Visions is dedicated to having some of the best industry talent involved in every development of the ever-evolving high-quality content that will be seen in each title, issue after issue.  Here is the core team that will be tasked with the development of the growing AHRV catalog and the amazing content to come! 
Zacharia Ali (Chairman/Co-Founder)

Zacharia Ali (Chairman/Co-Founder)

Zacharia Ali - (Chairman/Co-Founder)

Mr. Ali is Founder and CEO of Virtual Global Sports, Founder and Chairman of ZAR Capital Group - a family office and investment holding company, Carthage Solutions - Carthage Solutions provides sovereign governments with a single, trusted source from which to procure security and defense products, solutions, and services as well as CBD Switch Holding Corp.
Growing up, Mr. Ali aspired to be an Aeronautical Engineer as he was an avid drawer and admirer of airplane and car design. From birth it seemed as though a pencil or paintbrush was always in his hand. Upon attending college, he decided to switch gears and pursue International business and use his creative thought and engineering mindset to apply to business development and strategy. The business journey has taken Mr. Ali to many places and has afforded him the opportunity to do business in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Central & South America, The Caribbean and Africa. 
Mr. Ali also created an entertainment company, ZAR Entertainment, which allowed him to continue his creative abilities by producing documentaries, publishing books, and creating comic books under AHR Visions. He also ventured into NASCAR for a couple years and partnered with an industry veteran to create Zar D’Hondt Motorsports.
Mr. Ali has double BS Degrees in International Business and Marketing and serves as Chairman, Director and Advisor on numerous boards.

Abdul H. Rashid (CEO/Founder, Lead Illustrator/Lead Writer)

Abdul H. Rashid (CEO/Founder, Lead Illustrator/Lead Writer)

Spotlight - Abdul H. Rashid - CEO/Founder, Lead Illustrator/Lead Writer

A native of Flint, MI, is an illustrator, creator, and developer of intellectual properties in the genres of superhero, sci-fi, action-adventure and horror concepts. Having been a student of the Interlochen Arts Camp and thru self-taught regiment, he has incorporated a diverse blend of strong fine-arts skill set into his own unique style of comic book visual story-telling. Brilliantly, he infuses strong sociopolitical narrative into layered story-arc content utilizing his keen global perspectives and anchored by academic studies where he earned a BA and MBA from the College of Wooster and University of Phoenix, respectively. 
As CEO/Founder of AHR Visions, he seeks to change the status quo and expand the market with fresh, diverse and exciting titles that reflect the very colorful society we live in everyday. Using comics as the primary platform to tell an array of stories, Rashid and AHRV are targeting all areas of media stages to present to an ever expansive target audience with a catalog that spotlights diverse characters and inclusive elements outside the industry's “traditional blueprint”, while holding true to the integrity of the genre to an extensive global target audience. 
Alexander Cutri aka Digital Cutti (Creative Partner/Colors)

Alexander Cutri aka Digital Cutti (Creative Partner/Colors)

Spotlight - Alexander Cutri (aka Digital Cutti) - Creative Partner/Colors

An illustrator with over a decade of professional experience in entertainment arts and an accomplished comic book colorist with published work from Marvel, Image, Darkhorse and many more. His past endeavors include promotional illustration work for Marvel, Rolling Stone, Paramount, Sony, MTV News, Variety, IGN, Vibe and many more. Alex is based in FL and is constantly expanding his portfolio. 
Spotlight - Coloring

Bryan Arfel Magnaye aka BAM (Colorist)

Spotlight - Bryan Arfel Magnaye (aka BAM) - Colorist

A native from Manila, Philippines, BAM is a comic-book colorist, with a degree in multimedia arts and design. His skill-set has been refined via his attendance of numerous seminars and training including but not limited to Glasshouse Publishing and Dog 'n Bone Animation. 
Fernando Fuentes (Letterer)

Fernando Fuentes (Letterer)

Spotlight - Fernando Fuentes - Letterer

A graphic designer from Spain, Fernando has been a comics letterer since 2008 and a type designer since 2010. He always takes his work seriously and makes sure that his lettering is integrated with the art as if he and the artist were one and the same person. In Spain, he has lettered several thousand pages for all types of comics, and he has been nominated several times for the "Carlos Giménez Industry Award for Best Letterer”. 
Carlos Bonardi (Colorist)

Carlos Bonardi (Colorist)

Spotlight - Carlos Bonardi - Colorist

Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Comic Artist, and Colorist for a number of the AHRV core titles from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He loves the world of superheros, drawing, illustration, comics and when he's not drawing, Carlos is playing soccer, which is his other big love. 
Canaan White (Contributing Illustrator)

Canaan White (Contributing Illustrator)

Spotlight - Canaan White - Contributing Illustrator

Beginning his professional Comic Art career in 2006, when he was published by an indie graphic novel publisher, Dabel Brothers and Marvel Comics illustrating one of their properties titled "Ptolus" a graphic novel based on the popular board RPG, written by Monte Cook(Dungeons & Dragons board game developer). In 2008, he entered into freelance work and began submitting his work to various small press publishers; one of which was one of the most notable Indie publishers, Avatar Press. Canaan will contribute his brilliant and dynamic style to the AHRV catalog. 
Contributing Writer

David Allen Wright (Contributing Writer) 

Spotlight - David Allen Wright - Contributing Writer

Contributing writer via Cleveland, Ohio, Wright is a developed story-teller with a focus on multi-layered development and dramatic effect building content. Specializing in various genres, he brings his real-life experiences into many of his grounded content that will add depth into the story-arcs of the fantastic realms within the AHRV titles. An accomplished creator of a number of crime story novelettes, Wright will attribute the grit that will add to the relatable elements of characters, both heroes and villains, that are part of the new ever-growing universe of content.
Pei Pei Lin – Co-Creator, Co-Writer

Pei Pei Lin (pronunciation 'pay pay') – Co-Creator, Co-Writer: 

Spotlight - Pei Pei Lin – Co-Creator, Co-Writer

Determined to make her mark on the world, Pei Pei left home at 15 to attend the prestigious Northfield Mount Hermon School in Massachusetts. She then accepted a scholarship from Parsons: The New School for Design, while continuing her acting training. Her dramatic instincts have led to roles in the 2012 season finale of TV series, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit; the 2011 indie feature, 59 Seconds and other TV/film roles. Pei Pei, a self-proclaimed 'Lovable Nerd', is armed with a wonderful sense of comedy, with roles in the Onion Sports Dome (Comedy Central) and Siamese Twins (www.funnyordie.com). Pei Pei is excited to be a part of AHR Visions with the development of some of the 'She-ro' driven titles to come.