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These are some of the main figures that will be shaping the direction of the AHRV Universe

Black Rose

Spotlight - Black Rose


Solomon Moor is known by the general public as the wealthy, socially conscious, community enriching genius businessman who’s reputation for generosity is only matched by his incredible executive savvy. Moor under the guise of the spectral kingpin known as “the Black Rose” infiltrates the criminal underworld…while destroying it from the inside out. Moor must walk the fine-line between hero and villain to avoid becoming the thing he has sworn to destroy, as he unfolds a plot larger than he could have imagined.


Spotlight - Skorn

DA Angelica D. Salazar/SKORN:

Born to a middle-class working family; Angelica was the known stand out “smart-girl” of her community. She excelled to academic and athletic success, but aspirations are halted as she and her family becomes victims of the criminal element. Using the rage from the event as her driving force, Angelica succeeds in forging her mind and body into a cutting edge weapon against the scourge that changed her.

The Eight

Spotlight - The Eight

The Eight:

A unit of super-powered immortals that are part of a greater immortal society dedicated to the preservation of human-kind, but sworn not to influence the course of natural history as best to their abilities. Lead by the plasma powered, Dean Hannibal, The Eight strive to be the enforcers of justice, while knowing that when they are needed, matters are in much more dire than hoped.