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AHR Visions, LLC announces upcoming release – THE 8!

by Zacharia Ali - Posted 2 years ago

his June, AHR Visions (AHRV) will begin launching its FIRST WAVE of flagship titles that will begin the run of its large and growing catalog of series.

THE 8, the signature “superhero” title from the studio, will begin this new line with its exciting and stunning first issue that will introduce the world to Dean Hannibal, The Metaphysician, P-Funk, Kilimanjaro, Spike, Shadow, Leapz, and Ṣalāḥ ad-Dīn. This different translation of the “superhero team” will add a level of flavor and style to the traditional concepts of the genre formula.

 Visit the AHR Visions site ( www.ahrvisions.com ) to learn more about this and all the other titles coming out and in-development!

I’ve previously critiqued several of AHR Visions’ upcoming properties (read here: AHR Visions’ project reviews.) From the looks of the latest above pages; the art and storytelling  continues to make The 8 (The Eight), an indie release to look out for!