The comic industry is an ever-changing arena and has evolved over the decades attempting to meet the request of the reader…as well as the expansion for cross-media development that has become very popular and mandatory for projects to succeed. It is also important to be aware of the diverse audience that is present within that market as well. With those things said, here is where AHRV comes in to address these paramount variables.

  In 2010, freelance artist, Abdul H. Rashid, saw the need for injecting projects into the industry featuring characters that did not have a concentrated representation of one group of the comic-book market audience. This idea prompted the founding of AHR Visions, which is dedicated to presenting fresh ideas of story-telling content, while introducing a vast array of characters that reflect all fans.

  AHRV is dedicated to premiere high level quality stories for the lovers of action, sci-fi and horror that look to being amazed and surprised by the spectacle and content of from page to page. With stories that touch on the supernatural to cyber-crime, the world to gangster feuds and superheroes finding their way in a confusing world, this studio will strive to provide the fun that is sought for in the world of comics and the genres represented!

  As the projects continue to develop and transition into the varied mediums of animation, video gaming and eventually live-action options, we hope you join us at the beginning of this vast journey and enjoy the ride!


Abdul H. Rashid

CEO / Founder

  A native of Flint, MI, is a graphic illustrator, creator, and developer of intellectual properties that focus in the genres of sci-fi, action-adventure and horror. His work is featured in a comic book series distributed by MARVEL, and he is currently collaborating with various creative studios in New York and California on other genre related projects. Being a freelance for the past 5 years, Mr. Rashid has worked to develop stories and concepts that contribute to a wider and broader expansion of an imaginative universe in the industry. Striving to push this initiative further, and making more diverse characters that represent the multi-cultural society, Mr. Rashid works to develop more “iconic-level” characters that enhances the reach mythology within the industry. At the same time, being from the Mid-West, AHRV will work to add to the growing surge of creative output coming from that region of the country.

Alexander Cutri

Art Development Director / Partner

  Alexander a.k.a. Cutti is an artist from Tampa, FL with over 10 years experience in the industry. After studying computer animation and special effects in film, Alexander turned his focus to digital painting and began work in the independent comic book industry. Soon after his start he was paired up with Abdul working on a 6 issue series which was later published by MARVEL. Since his start in the business as a digital painter he has transcended his role and is now writing scripts, designing logos and advertising material, painting concept art, designing websites and editing video. Look for new content from Alexander Cutri as he reunites with  Abdul H. Rashid on several new series from AHR VISIONS.

Zacharia Ali

Managing Partner

  Mr. Ali is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ZAR ENTERTAINMENT, a new age media company whose core business design involves the development, distribution and marketing of broadcast and print media that form complete identities for diverse global platforms. Ali is also Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ZAR Capital Group, a specialized advisory and investment services firm that has dedicated its resources to bringing practical solutions to the governments of Africa. During the past 20 years Ali has amassed a multitude of valuable resources, enabling him to connect financial providers with emerging businesses that possess large market potential and proprietary characteristics, such as protected technologies or diverse market positions. Utilizing this level of business knowledge and application into the arena of entertainment makes Mr. Ali a strong presence for the industry.

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